Read about some of the projects we’ve completed in the past.

Client Case Studies

Here you'll find examples of projects we have completed in the past. We understand the complexity of our customers problems, and approach each of them with a specific, well thought-out solution. We have access to a huge number of products and brands to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your solution.

Our team identified and corrected a problem created by organic buildup within a V-Cone (Venturi) on a water intake pipe. Their meter readings were erroneous with inconsistent, and/or no measurements at times. We were able to correct this by outfitting a new Rosemount magnetic flow meter. View the full story to see how we did it.

In this example, we created a solution for a company who was experiencing inefficient chemical usage and resupply in their water treatment process. Our installation of a new Hardy floor scale was the perfect solution.

“Sulfuric acid, the “Engine of Chemistry” is one of the most important commodity chemicals and a nation’s sulfuric acid production is a good indicator of its industrial strength.

A leading mill services company wanted to measure both oxygen and propane for structural steel cutting torches. It is important to measure and control these gases for efficiency of combustion and energy savings.

Wastewater treatment plants utilize Chlorine to kill disease causing organisms prior to the discharge of treated water. Total Chlorine discharge limits are set by governments as Chlorine can be harmful to fish and other organisms.

A regional water sanitation company is building a demonstration plant to pump purified water, meeting drinking water standards, into the aquifer to replenish groundwater.

The main influent magmeter to the wwtp had failed, and accessing the flowtube for complete replacement was not possible.